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Chris MacAskillChris MacAskill, SmugMug President and co-founder

“We recommend the Photographers SEO Book to all new SmugMug subscribers who want to know more about SEO than they can learn from our help page.”

Troy Grover PhotographersTroy Grover Photographers in Orange County

“When we first launched our site we were on page 113 for “Orange County Wedding Photographer”. We bought Photographers SEO Book and our site began to rise in the rankings. Implementing the tactics for SEO, we have moved to page 1 on google within 4 months. He gives an easy and effective plan to help your site rise up. We are very thankful for the knowledge that we gained and also excited with the growth of our business due to our SEO. We highly recommend buying the book. It is a must read if you want to succeed in SEO for your business.”

Chantal BrownChantal Brown, Dallas Portrait Photographer

I’m freaking out! I’m on Page 1 of Google!
“OMG! I am so excited! Just googled myself today and I’m on page 1 of Google! Thank you so much to this group for the help! All of you are the best! THANK YOU!”

radelle-jensenRadelle Jensen, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

“I read Photographers SEO book, in one sitting (I couldn’t get enough) and have to say that it is probably one of the best investments that I have made for my business (if you can call something priced so reasonable a investment!). I learned so much more from his book then I did spending $2000 (plus a $400 flight!!) on the tofurious workshop. I especially loved how his book is thorough & packed full of knowledge, and yet he uses simplistic language for those of us who are not “up” on computer jargon. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone who wants to come up first in google searches!!”

Jodi FriedmanJodi Friedman, MCP Actions: Photoshop Actions and Training – www.mcpactions.com

“If you are a photographer, and you want to increase your chances of appearing higher in search engines, Photographers SEO Book gives you all the tools to help. With this information I am re-working blog posts, ALT tags, and the way I think about SEO.”
Pepper NixPepper Nix, Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

“I implemented as much as possible as quickly as possible! This is like electronic gold!”

stephen-dohringStephen Dohring, Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer

“After reading your SEO book and having some back links already in place I moved up about 6 pages with just a few changes.”

danna-bowesDanna Bowes, TwoPhotogs

“Great answers with lots of info. I just skimmed your book and already picked up 2 new things I should be doing!”

Pamela Nicole, Phoenix Child Photographer

“I am on the top page in my area on a Google search. I’m so excited about SEO and owe it all to your instructions!”

Jeff Copeland, SEO Professional

“Overall I think it is a good, easy to understand step by step how-to guide for photographers and small business owners with little or no background in web design or SEO. I salute you for your efforts in putting this book together – I wish I had found it three or four years ago!”


Testimonials Via Twitter

Lauren SandersonLauren Sanderson
thanks @photoseo – downloaded ebook on 5/5, have since soared to google’s front page search results for Huntsville Newborn and Family photographer keywords in 6 days. u rock.

@photoseo Great book. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to implement your tips! Thank you so much!

@photoseo I just picked up the blog seo book today and am devouring it. AWESOME piece of work!!


Testimonials Via Comments

Michael AlanMichael Alan Bielat, Buffalo Wedding Photographer
“This book was one of the best purchases that I could have made for my photography business. It is a quick read that is jam packed with information on changes you can make immediately to get your website known by Google. I went from Google being oblivious to my new blog-site to then showing up on page 1 and 2 within a couple days.

The best part is that I didn’t have to pay some SEO Expert thousands of dollars to do this for me. All it took was a couple hours of work on my end and I was ready to go.

I have a computer science degree by trade but can say that this book is written so that everyone can understand it regardless of your computer skill-set. You don’t have to be a web designer guru to implement many of these techniques.”

Bart LegerBart Leger, Lake Charles Family Photographer
“Thank you for your great book. I have put it into practice and have risen in many keyword searches and now come in at number one in Google for my main keyphrase search for my website. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”