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Attend this Workshop on SEO & Other Free Marketing

If you are in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or New York area we highly recommend attending this workshop. Brandsmash is hosting a “Free Marketing” workshop at their studio in North Wales, Pennsylvania. The workshop costs $299 and you have the ability to learn from very talented marketers, copywriters and more. As you can see […]

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Sure Fire Ways To Build Natural Links to Your Site Without The Need For Guest Blogging

Links are and always have been one of the best ways to increase your standing with Google, but simply guest posting isn’t enough these days. If you want to build quality links to your site, you need them to be natural, meaning that for the most part, they have to be quality, related to your […]

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Responsive Web Design & SEO

There’s no doubt in today’s market that responsive web design (RWD) or flexible design is the way forward for SEO. Making your website easily viewable across a wide range of devices, for example laptops, smartphones and tablets, is a far more preferable way of web design – why create three or four different designs when […]

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How To Optimize Video SEO Campaigns On YouTube

YouTube is a very interesting platform. In addition to being one of the largest search engines in existence, YouTube also is considered a buzzing social media platform. This hybrid search-social platform is a wonderful marketing tool. Video SEO (VSEO) marketing is exactly what it sounds like. VSEO uses online videos to help boost search rankings, […]

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7 Tools to Make Guest Blogging Easy

You may already find guest blogging easy, but the point is that it should be easier. At the end of the day, you are the one who is working for free, in order to post content on the blog of another person. So your job should be made as easy as possible. Sometimes it is […]

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Smart Internal Linking for Photographers

Internal linking is extremely important for the SEO of your website.  What is internal linking?  Basically, it’s a an action you take when writing text content for a blog article/post or page. Often times I noticed photographers linking internally in unusual ways.  So in the video below, you will see the smart way to implement […]

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Killer Link Building Strategies for 2013

Link building is one super-buzz word that you get to hear a lot if you are into blogging or any other such online entrepreneurship. It forms a major part of search engine optimization or to be precise off-page SEO. Many people and webpages linking to you indicate that you’ve got something so interesting in your […]

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Top 10 Online Tools for Digital Marketers & Photographers

A few general web utilities. A couple of social media management apps. A little something to monitor and measure your efforts. This is what the average digital marketer’s toolbox looks like. But while those critical to the trade have been clearly distinguished, many marketers are often at a loss to figure out the specific tool(s) […]

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Google Publishes “How Search Works” Infographics: What You Can Do With The Info

So you’re a seasoned SEO who knows all the ins and outs of search marketing. I hear you talking, but do you really know the game? I mean like, really? If you’ve been second guessing yourself lately or simply want the truth from the original source, Google has got you covered. Google recently released “How […]

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Featured Member: Tomasz Michalski

mtmstudio is a family run photography business with two talented London wedding photographers in charge. Monika and Tom have been photographing weddings in London and all over UK for the last two years gaining trust and friendship of ever so growing number of satisfied couples. Depending on the needs and requirements of our couples we […]

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The Top 3 Image Backlink Sources

Building Image backlinks still seems to be an absolute mystery to the average SEO campaign, even the top seo agencies  find themselves without this handy tool in their repertoire, and the main reason seems to be that most companies simply don’t know where to look for these powerful sources. In this guide we’re going to take a quick look at the […]

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Featured Member: Gerry Daniel

My interest in photography started when I was very young. Growing up in a small town in Alabama didn’t offer opportunities to visit art galleries. My earliest exposure to photography was through jigsaw puzzles. For as far back as I can remember, I would compose photographs in my mind and imagine them being jigsaw puzzles. […]

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4 SEO Strategies for Small & Local Businesses

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO for small and local businesses, the strategies used will be slightly different from they would be for larger operations. Many small and local businesses focus on specific, highly targeted consumer bases, so it is important that the SEO used to attract these customers, is also specific […]

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Featured Member: Jermaine Amado

I was a late bloomer to photography. I didn’t think of making this a career until the age of 20. Photography was always an interest of mine in hindsight. So it’s difficult to comprehend why I never thought of my joy for photography as something more. Like I said, a late bloomer. My first job […]

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Feature Member: Liya Zlotnik

My name is Liya and I live in London. This year I have finally taken the leap, followed my dream, and launched my photography business, Dumplings. I like to describe my specialty as Family Lifestyle Photography. It’s not quite as “real” as photo-journalism, but also steers clear of traditional posed portraiture. The term is very […]

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Long Tail Keywords

When it comes to search engine optimization and in general making money online being able to locate long tail keywords can really be the key to success. You should be able to figure out how to find long tail keywords whether you are in new to Internet Marketing or are an incredibly experienced Internet marketer. […]

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The Biggest SEO News and Trends of 2012, And What They Mean For The Future of SEO

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look back at the past 12 months and assess the most prominent SEO news and trends. Here, we’ll take a look at the most important happenings, and consider what they mean for SEO practitioners for the year ahead. Google’s Author Rank Though Google’s social […]

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Featured Member: Andrew Wheeler

Why do I love photography? The short answer is that I can’t draw. The long answer is what I will attempt to explain below. When I was growing up I unfortunately did not have the best art teachers. My experiences in art class left me with the impression that you needed to be good at […]

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Featured Member: Chris Greffrath

I bought my first camera from a second-hand store in Croydon, South London. Reason being is I was fed up with taking photos of my travels with disposable. I wanted more control over what I could do. I have a science background, so as soon as I bought the old EOS300SLR with a Tamron 28-80mm, […]

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Featured Member: Linda Long

Long’s Photography was started by Linda Long in 2004 to provide Tallahassee with contemporary, beautiful wedding and engagement photography. Through the years, Linda Long became a full time photographer, then her husband Olyn Long came on board as a full time photographer. In 2009, they moved into their 2,000 square foot Tharpe St. portrait studio […]

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Featured Member: Cristiano Bianchi

Since I was a child, photography attracted me. My father was keen on photography and in my house never missed a camera or an album to flick through. I’ve worked several years in this field, first in Italy and then in the U.K. and Germany. It was a great experience but I missed something artistic […]

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Featured Member: Darlene Gambino

The Wedding industry is an ever changing industry.  I have had a successful business for 20 years.  But very little about the business is the same. The equipment in my case has gone from Mamiya RZ67 to Canon digital and if I am lucky my beloved Contax 645.  I must admit I love film and the great skin […]

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Featured Member: Christopher Richard

I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer working and living in the fair city of Tucson, Arizona, making images of joy and beauty for families. My desire to work with images began in high school, and I turned to photography when it turned out I was a pretty mediocre painter and sketch artist. Good thing! […]

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Featured Member: Gregory Warran

My name is Gregory Warran and I am a reportage Wedding Photographer, and travel and street portrait photographer based in Kent and London, England. I have experience in numerous fields. I used to run club nights in East London and started shooting a lot of the live bands that were coming onto the scene, many […]

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Featured Member: Philip Hawkins

I am a wedding and portrait photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland who totally loves his job and loves being good at it! Weddings make up around 80% of my work and I also do portraiture in Edinburgh, too, with a little bit of freelance work as well. I like to work in a very relaxed and […]

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Featured Member: Nicole Campo

So I have begun the path toward wedding photography and so far I am loving it. I started out with children and families, moved up to seniors and couples in love, and finally feel I am a big girl and can take on the big day!! I knew from day one that I wanted to […]

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Featured Member: Melissa Berg

Melissa Berg Photography was born in 2009 and has grown tremendously in the past three years. I started out photographing babies and children of friends of mine and soon after learned I was pregnant with my first child. I kept going, trying to get as much practice as I could before I knew I would […]

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Featured Member: David Bellis

I am a York based, national award winning, freelance photographer with both the intuitive ability and technical knowledge to make great pictures. My love of photography started back in my teens with an Olympus film SLR. While photography featured somewhat in my years at art school, I am for the most part self-taught and the […]

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Featured Member: Darren Bardsley

I spent my early teens in the 35mm film era and developed hundreds of rolls of Ilford black and white films. I was fortunate enough to have my own enlarger and my small bedroom doubled as a cramped darkroom. I had to clamber up into the attic, without the aid of a loft ladder, in […]

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Featured Member: Kimberley Nicole

Lavish Lark Photography is a San Diego Photographer, covering most of Southern California. Internationally published, specializing in natural light photography, maternity, newborns, children, weddings and family portraits, on location studio. I come from a family of photographers, and I have been blessed to have free run with a camera from a young age. I have […]

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