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Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate. Like us, you can share the word of SEO goodness and help other photographers improve their ranks.

We offer a 25% commission. That means you’ll make $24.25 on a Membership sale, or about $10 on a sale of the Photographers SEO Ebook.

How to Sign Up

Just click here: SIGN UP. And then go through the steps. Our system will give you an affiliate code, and keep track of traffic you send and any purchases those visitors make.

How You Get Paid

We offer a 30-day guarantee, so we need to allow time for refunds before we pay commissions. We pay out commissions at the beginning of each month, for the month before last. Confusing? That just means we pay, say, January commissions the first week of March.

Your Referral Lasts for 6 Months

Your affiliate link points to my homepage and the cookie on the user’s computer lasts for 6 months. That means if you refer them to our free email course, where we can build their trust and do a soft upsell on the SEO Book that they purchase 2 or 3 weeks down the road, you’ll still get credit for the sale. And subsequent sales, like if they purchase another one of our products.

How Not to Be a Salesman

Please read 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog and 6 More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs. Darren knows what he’s talking about.

Check out these examples for how to refer a product.

  • Here’s a review for Darren’s ebook that we’re am an affiliate for. Notice how we actually read his book, used it, then told our audience how it will benefit them.
  • Blog post by Peter Garr about a bunch of SEO products including my ebook. We like how the whole post is about SEO so it is reaching the right audience.
  • Web forum post delivers lots of sales over time because people find it when they search the forum for “SEO”. Forum posts can open you up to criticism, so be prepared to comment back.
  • Blog post showing how the SEO ebook helped you
  • Do a contest, another contest, then follow up with the non winners for a potential sale
  • Integrate our stuff with your product or launch. Here’s an example where the ebook comes free with product purchase. And another example (see bottom center). Note: in these cases the product owners are paying me a small fee per book download.
  • Tweeting with a short URL (like is the fastest and easiest way to get a couple sales. You’ll want to make the tweet personal like “Just read the Photographers SEO Book:… My blog post titles are now keyword perfect. Spoke to Erick, great tips.”
  • Facebook also is a quick and easy response and also allows users to comment back that they like and/or purchased.

Marketing Material

Feel free to use these image in promoting the book.

Photo SEO Book Cover Hardback
<img title=”Photo SEO Book Cover Hardback” src=”” alt=”Photo SEO Book Cover Hardback” width=”163″ height=”190″ />

Photo SEO Book Cover
<img title=”Photo SEO Book Cover” src=”” alt=”Photo SEO Book Cover” width=”186″ height=”249″ />

Photo SEO Book Flat Cover
<img title=”Photo SEO Book Flat Cover” src=”” alt=”Photo SEO Book Flat Cover” width=”163″ height=”190″ />

Photo SEO Book 125
<img title=”Photo SEO Book 125″ src=”” alt=”Photo SEO Book 125″ width=”125″ height=”125″ />

photographers seo eClass 125
<img title=”photographers seo eClass 125″ src=”” alt=”photographers seo eClass 125″ width=”125″ height=”125″ />