SEO Inner Circle

Want More?

I believe you have everything you need to succeed at SEO in the Photographer’s SEO Book and the Community. But sometimes people just want more. Perhaps you are new to SEO and this is all overwhelming. Perhaps you are just a busy business owner and want to outsource some of your SEO work. Or perhaps you are a seasoned, successful owner, but just recognize the value of having someone who knows your business to brainstorm and bounce ideas. For these purposes, I offer one-on-one consulting sessions and I a more extensive SEO Inner Circle.

Site Analysis and One-on-One Consulting

I offer two hour consulting sessions for $299. Prior to the session we’ll exchange a few emails, and I’ll analyze your site’s on-site SEO, keyword usage, back links, and Google Places page. I’ll send an overview of my findings, and then we’ll have a two hour phone call to discuss them. My goal is to identify the most important steps you can take to quickly improve your search rankings, as well as your website’s conversion rate.

Because SEO is intimately tied to your business model, I may also have thoughts for how to add revenue streams to your business or otherwise improve sales.

Click Here to Buy a 2 Hour Consulting Session – $299
(Includes free lifetime membership in the SEO Community)

GUARANTEE: As with all our products, I offer a complete guarantee. Go ahead and give it a try. If after the session, you don’t feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth, you can request a partial or full refund. I’ll never disagree with this request.

The SEO Inner Circle – 10 Client Maximum

The starting point for the SEO Inner Circle is the one-on-one consulting package above. Generally, once I’ve finished that, most people are ready to go out on their own. But for others, I provide powerful ongoing SEO consulting. This includes ongoing email or telephone consulting. But more important, I also promote Inner Circle members from our own network of websites, which means attention, traffic, and links. This is an extremely powerful way to improve your SEO.

Because we are promoting you from our own sites and sharing a piece of our own reputation with you, I’m selective about whom I work with in this way. In essence, I only work with photographers and business owners who have the potential to get to the first page of search results and who deserve to be there because they offer excellent products or services. If you have a great business or potentially great businesses that just doesn’t have the SEO piece in place yet, the SEO Inner Circle is a great way to transform your SEO performance dramatically and quickly.

The price of the SEO Inner Circle varies depending on how much one-on-one time you want, but it usually ranges from $199-499 per month. I handle payment for this separately with each client.

GUARANTEE: Even the SEO Inner Circle comes with a guarantee. At the end of any month, you’ll have the right to request a full or partial refund for that month if you don’t feel the service was worth the cost. You can only request refunds for the most recent month. Again, I’ll never disagree or put up resistance to a refund request. So you have nothing to lose, and given the potential of SEO and conversion rates to transform your business, a lot to gain.

I Run My Own Business, Too!

If you do decide to pursue these options, please keep in mind that I run my own business as well. We are just over two years old, approaching $1 million in sales and have about 10 employees. It’s a growing, complex, time consuming business. I offer SEO consulting services because I love SEO and I love helping other businesses succeed. I want you to succeed, and within time constraints, I’ll do everything I can to help. Because I like it, I often tend to do more than I have to or should. But I also ask you to be reasonable in your expectations for the amount of time I can provide for a $299 session or for the Inner Circle. So this note is just a bit of expectation management. I can’t work on your business full time and still see to mine!


Consulting and Inner Circle clients are a priority, so once you’ve paid, you’ll hear from me quickly. If you have questions, you can contact us directly at