Featured Member: Cyd Lapour


Photography has always been a very personal thing, for me. I first picked up a camera out of sheer desperation – my youngest son, who is autistic, was unable to handle a photography studio setting, and I found myself completely devoid of photos of him from late infancy onward. I was determined to learn to […]

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Featured Member: Nicola Tonolini


My name is Nicola and I am a Wedding PhotoJournalist and I love my Job! I introduce myself as a photo-reporter because this is essentially what I do: I build the story of your wedding with my pictures. What I wish to give to the bridal couple is a real, intense and long-lasting memory. My […]

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Featured Member: Alina Thomas


We are Alina and Timothy, a husband and wife photography team that enjoys working side by side at every single event that we photograph, whether it be a wedding, engagement or family session. We primarily photograph weddings in the Central Virginia area (especially Lynchburg) and travel for destination weddings worldwide. We love relationships, weddings and […]

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Featured Member: Pierre Torset

Paris Photographer - Couple Eiffel Tower

As a photographer in Paris, my photography is about people and lifestyle. I welcome people from all over the world in the City of Lights, and shoot mainly couples (engagement, honeymoon, wedding, marriage proposals) but also families, friends and individuals. But more than a lifestyle photographer in Paris, I also see myself as a photographer […]

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Featured Member: Jon Tinkler


When I left school, I was really in love with filmmaking and enrolled to study that at University, with a minor in Photography. By the end of the degree though, those two priorities had flipped – my major passion now was for photography. We were shooting on medium format cameras, as well as some 8×10 […]

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Security bug affects all WordPress 3.x sites. Upgrade today!

Like many photographers, you are probably running your website on WordPress. We specifically recommend WordPress for its power, ease of use, and SEO friendliness. It’s the platform we use to run our own sites, and we recommend it because we have seen for ourselves how it can make SEO success easy and accessible. Normally, our […]

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Featured Member: Robert Brook

Jennie & Adam Halls married at South Farm 18th May 2014

I have been photographing weddings for 3 years now, and absolutely love it. I am a digital wedding photographer living in Colchester. I came to photography by a non traditional route having started in print and progressing into photoshop retouching work first. Learning to see through others eyes and correcting their mistakes helps you see […]

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Testimonials & Their Effect on SEO

In a Facebook group I’m a member of, I was tagged in a question related to SEO.  I answered the question in the group, but I wanted to also share it here for the community.  My research says that including testimonials in your website can increase business by 250%. But I am LOATHE to include […]

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Featured Member: Luke Jones


Luke Jones is a Shoot & Share wedding photographer serving California’s Central Coast from Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara and beyond! As a Shoot & Share photographer my focus is not on post session sales but providing a full quality experience from start to finish. I do have outstanding products such […]

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Featured Member: Steven Thomas


Hi My name is Steven Thomas and I am the owner and chief photographer at Vellum Studios. Vellum Studios is a wedding and portrait photography studio in Brisbane, Australia. I have been shooting professionally now for 10 years. With over 350 weddings now under my belt, I have seen a lot of changes in this […]

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Backlinks Still Matter… Oh Yes They Do

This will be a very quick one today. In this video, Matt Cutts shares the truth that backlinks definietly still matter. No matter how much social signals come into play, having quality backlinks will always play a major role in your ranking.

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Hey Photographer, Optimize Your EXIF Data for SEO!

At this moment in time Google does not officially use EXIF data in their search engine ranking factors. However, they do keep an eye on EXIF and use certain information (like copyright vs creative commons). Take a look at this video: So why am I telling you this? Well, view my video below and see […]

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Featured Member: Naim Alwan


Hello all! My grandfather was named Naim, and so, as to keep with Iraqi tradition, I inherited his name. Naim, that is and will always be my name. Hello.. again, I’m Naim. I guess I should start by writing why I chose to pursue photography. Well unlike almost every other photographer I’ve spoken to, it […]

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Featured Member: Paul Keppel


Hi my name is Paul Keppel and I am a wedding photographer in Cornwall who covers wedding throughout the Uk and further afield. I cater for small or larger local wedding but also love traveling for a destination wedding. I am passionate about photography ever since studying at secondary school. Having followed my formal education […]

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The Power of Wikipedia Links for SEO

The Power of Wikipedia Links

I received a very good question that I wanted to share the answer to. “At some point you are explaining that links to our website are helping to rank up on Google and that depending on what website it comes from it gives more or less “vote”. And then you talk about your website being […]

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Featured Member: Daniel Han


I guess the one word my wedding clients most often use in order to describe my work is “natural.” I love that. The goal of my work has always been to properly represent the very real affection between two people in a way that is not forced or manipulated. I try to spend as much […]

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Featured Member: Tom Potter

Eldorado Canyon State Park - CO

Hi! I’m Tom Potter, landscape / nature photographer of Tom Potter Photography, in Colorado. My main area of focus is Colorado State Parks & Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as other local areas. I love being outdoors in some beautiful location photographing God’s incredible creations. I enjoy shooting both the Grand and the Intimate […]

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3 SEO Strategies To Avoid

Prior to the Brandsmash workshop in January 2014, I met up with the workshop host to discuss SEO. The video below was recorded during our conversation. To recap the video, there are 3 SEO strategies you want to avoid doing because they will hurt more than help your SEO efforts. Keyword Stuffing Just stop doing […]

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Featured Member: Tom Michalski


OK, so it has been over a year since our last Featured Member Profile Submission and second year as professional wedding photographers offering their services in London and all over UK. So, how has it been? It is been really good. We have learned a lot and we have tried to push our creativity and […]

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Selling Photography As A Photographer, Not A Sales Person

Search engine optimization is one of the methods of attaining website visitors.  Marketing is another way, and also a way of getting those visitors to convert to a lead.  Sales is what brings home the money. Right?  Ok, so that’s why we are excited to share this with you. Our friends at Preveal acquired an […]

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Creating SEO Strategies

In this video Maile Ohye from Google talks about how a person would go about creating a SEO strategy. She uses a Google blog as a an example, so while not specific for photographers this video can be educational to help you begin or tweak your own strategy. So what did you learn from this? […]

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Featured Member: Dave Packer


Hi my name is Dave Packer and im a busy social photographer here in Cardiff South Wales. My biggest influence as a photographer is Jerry Ghionis and i had the pleasure of spending a week with him a few years ago. His vision and ability to create a WOW photo from any situation is very […]

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Google’s Scraper Report Simplifies Some SEO Troubles


Matt Cutts of Google announced a new Scraper Report form. With it you can submit information about a link that copied your content without permission. If you see a scraper URL outranking the original source of content in Google, please tell us about it: http://t.co/WohXQmI45X — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) February 27, 2014   Why would […]

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Photogrefers is a Referral Network for Photographers

Photogrefers is a referral network for photographers. We at the Photographer’s SEO Community are a proud sponsor of this amazing new platform. Take a look: As you can see, the website allows you, as a photographer, to find second shooters, assistants and even network with other photographers to exchange business opportunities. That’s just the beginning. […]

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Featured Member: Francesco Spighi


Hi All, I’m Francesco and I live in Florence. I’m a portrait and wedding photographer in Tuscany, based in Florence, but I work through Italy and abroad. I like to observe people and their behaviour; I search an unusual point of view in every picture I take and I’m steadily committed to improve my work. […]

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Featured Member: Richard Martin


I first began an interest in photography back in the 1980’s when I was in the Royal Air Force. I was lucky enough to be based in Pembrokeshire in Wales, which is such a beautiful location and ideal for landscape photography. It was while I lived there that I met my wife Diane . I […]

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Adding Links To Your Blog Comment

Since the dawn of time (or since blogs started accepting comments) people have always commented with a link, use a fake name or company name and garbage emails addresses. Many times these tactics are to get passed the SEO system. In the video below you will hear from Matt Cutts, from Google’s Web Spam team, […]

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Featured Member: David Walters


I came to photography quite late on in my life. I had worked as a sound engineer and went back to university and studied for a Masters in New Media. I became familiar with Photoshop and started taking more photographs around this time. I had never even considered a career in wedding photography at this […]

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Stop Falling For SEO Sales & Learn To Improve

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization professional Paul Kortman shares a great presentation on how companies selling SEO services aren’t being 100% honest. Paul bluntly states that companies sell SEO services without educating their customers on the social, link building, content marketing and many other components outside the realm of basic code optimization. Take […]

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Featured Member: Michael Wachniak


I have been photographing weddings for 10 years now, and absolutely love it. I am a film wedding photographer living in the Vancouver area. I think what sets me apart from other wedding photographers is that rather than keeping the focus only on the bride and groom and wedding decor etc, I step back and […]

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