Use Long Tail Keywords For Finding New Topics To Write About


Todays article is a very simple tip on how to use a Google Analytics report as a means of finding content to write about.

Before we begin, you need to understand what long tail keyword is.  Basically, it’s a keyword that you are ranking for, consisting of 3 or more words.

When you’re ready, click here to access my long tail keyword custom report.

The link will launch your Google Analytics account where you can then save the report.  Once you saved the report, open it to find each long tail keyword that a visitor entered with.


You will notice from the screenshot that over 1,400 visitors to my website came in from a variety of photo booth keywords.  What this tells me is that I can write about different photo booth topics and boost my SEO for the keyword and, in turn, increase business for photo booth rental.

Long Tail Keyword Recap

  • Long tail keywords = incoming questions/search phrases
  • Long tail keywords = more topics to write about in articles
  • More (optimized) articles = better page rank
  • Better page rank = more business

But Wait, There’s More

Long tail keywords are not the only way to find new content.  So stay tuned because I will be sharing more tips in future articles.

Comment below and tell me how the long tail keyword report works out for you.

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