Stop Guest Blogging Crap & Start Guest Blogging Quality

There has been a lot of discussion in the marketing and SEO community due to recent article from Matt Cutts of Google’s web spam team. The article’s topic was about guest blogging’s landslide.

In Matt’s article he shares a historical archive of videos related which he published about guest blogging. Since he published it there have been rumors that marketers should stop guest blogging because it will hurt SEO. There are also marketers who say to not listen to Matt’s advice.

So here is my take on the situation. Matt is not saying to stop guest blogging. What is he saying is to stop guest blogging crap and to start guest blogging quality content only.

Guest Blogging Crap

Guest blogging is as important as ever for your branding, business and link building.  It just comes down to changing the way you guest blog.  So no matter what content you are writing in your guest blogging opportunities or any guest blog content that you accept for your website, make sure it’s quality.

Guest Blogging Quality

Here are some things to look for and include in the content.

  • Context – there better be details about the subject because if the content is vague then people won’t read it and Google will consider it unimportant and low quality.
  • Media – there better be some type of image or video within the content so that it can be shared, viewed, and enjoyed longer.
  • Length – Search engines like content with 300 words or more, so the content better be at least that long.
  • Voice – the content better have your voice (persona) apparent in the words.  If it reads like a robot it won’t do well for the robots.

Every piece of content that you write or accept as guest blogs, better be written as if it is being published in an industry leading magazine.  If not, don’t accept it and don’t submit it.

Do you have questions about this?  Please join the photographer’s SEO community to ask your specific questions in our private forum.   Want to add your own bit of advice to this?  Comment below to share your own take on Matt’s article and videos.

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Thanks for reading and good luck with your future guest blogging efforts.


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