Is SEO Important For Photographers? I Say Yes

Some might say SEO is not important for photographers, but instead their photographs are the only important thing.

While your photographs are definitely the most important thing you can have for your photography website, there is much more to it.

Top Ranking Click Through

If your website was ranking in the top three results on Google, your traffic will increase dramatically. The third result received 9.5% more click-throughs than fourth and beyond. The first result receives 36.4% click-through than fourth and beyond.

Organic VS. Paid

You might think that paying for ads on Google is better than spending the time to optimize for organic results. However, research shows that organic results are more trusted than paid ads. In addition, would you rather have the average of 2.6% click-throughs of paid ads versus the extra 36.4% from organic results?

Blogging & SEO

First, did you know that about 15% of your website visitors will visit a blog? Did you know that about 70% of your website’s traffic will go straight to a blog article? That’s because blog content gets better rankings than other pages on your website. Unless of course you have optimized specific pages specifically for a keyword…. which is SEO.


Bonus: Authorship

By having authorship on your set up on your website, you can increase click-through rates by 30%. That’s an impressive number.

In Conclusion

SEO Is Important For Photographers and we encourage you to learn more about it. There are a few ways we have made it available to you:

So as you see, you can get started for free today. Or you could take the plunge and dive into the paid content to keep on learning.

I hope to see you there,


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