4 SEO Strategies for Small & Local Businesses

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO for small and local businesses, the strategies used will be slightly different from they would be for larger operations. Many small and local businesses focus on specific, highly targeted consumer bases, so it is important that the SEO used to attract these customers, is also specific and highly targeted. This article will focus of four effective SEO strategies that can be used by small and local businesses to increase brand awareness, improve relevance in the search engines and, as a result, boost traffic and conversions.

Local Search

You have probably heard a lot about local search strategy in recent months, but unless you have actively used it, you are likely not aware of how it can be applied to your business. Local search utilizes the increased opportunities available through the top search engines, including Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local. By claiming and creating your local listing through the engines, you gain another chance to focus on the primary keywords, direct location of your business and reach out to your local demographic in a whole new way.

Social Media

Do you use social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Does your company have a blog? Using these specialized resources as a means of interacting with your target audience can help you to keep in touch with customers, alert them to special offers or changes in your business, as well as give them an opportunity to reach out to you via these popular tools. Create a fan page for your business on each of these networks. Not only will them help you to communicate in real-time with your customers, but they will help to boost your search engine rankings and relevance.

Multimedia Search

Another great way to reach your audience with a loud and confident voice is through the use of video search. By creating videos for your website, you have a whole new opportunity to showcase your product or services to your target base, while utilizing a completely different method and approach to SEO. Images and audio are also other excellent types of content that can be use to reach your customers through multimedia search, increasing the number of visitors to your website, boosting popularity, awareness and sales.

Analytics and Conversion Rates

It is important to know everything you can about your traffic: how it is finding your website, what keywords and phrases attract it to your website It and what it does once it finally arrives. Knowing what drives your traffic and its impact upon your conversion rates will say a lot more about your business and strategy than any other method or metrics. Tools such as Google Analytics, layered with your own on-server statistics programs, can help you to effectively evaluate your traffic and see ways to improve your approach.

There are many challenges and benefits to working with small and local businesses. The advantages associated with the strategies used for SEO for these types of businesses can help to increase your profits and presence compared to the abilities of much larger companies, even when using the same approach.

David is an SEO Manager at Search Factory, a Brisbane, Australia based PPC and SEO agency specialising in campaigns for small and local businesses.


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