Disavow Links To Remove Bad Links


Google just released a Disavow Links tool in their Webmaster Tools suite, that has been available in Bing Webmaster Tools for some time now.

Disavow Links is a tool that will let you import a CSV or Google Docs file with low quality links. These could be:

  • Comment spam
  • Paid links
  • Aggregated feeds

The list can go on…

If you know for certain that there are low quality links coming to your site, and you want to remove them from your website’s SEO equation, then Disavow Links is your tool.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, of Google on the new Disavow Links tool.

Finding low quality links isn’t a painless task. It involves time and research. Visit your Google Analytics account and review all the inbound referrals for unusual and/or unwanted links.

Be cautious as I mentioned in the video. If you remove good quality links it can hurt your rankings.  For more on Disavow Links, visit this article at SEOMoz

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