Painless Photography SEO Audit To See Where You Stand & Need To Be

photography seo audit

Photography SEO takes a lot of time, so where do you need to start?  Well, there are many things to look at.  That is why we put together this quick Photography SEO Audit to serve as a starting point.

Use the Photography SEO Audit painlessly review your website and see where it stands and where it needs to optimize for search engines.

We have also created a simple PDF that you are welcome to print out and check off as you go through the list.  You can download the PDF by completing the form below.

Start your journey towards SEO success.

Photography SEO Audit

Feel free to create your own personal checklist from what is below.


  • Domain is indexable
  • Permalinks are search engine friendly
  • Keywords are in URLs
  • Keywords are in the beginning of Title Tags/Page Names and no more than 70 characters
  • Keywords are in the beginning of Meta Descriptions and no more than 156 character
  • Keywords are in the beginning of Meta Keywords
  • H1 Tags are set for Page/Post titles and there is only one on each Page/Post
  • Keywords are in Alt Tags
  • A search engine friendly XML Site Map is viewable


  • Your keyword is bold once in optimized content
  • The keyword density for your keyword is acceptable and not stuffed
  • You are linking internally (to other pages/posts on your site)
  • Your physical address or city/state and country if necessary is in the footer of every page
  • Your keyword is used in a H2 tag on each page/post
  • All content is unique to your website
  • All content is as close to 300 words or more than 300 words
  • The keyword is in the beginning of the first paragraph of the Page/Post

There are many other SEO techniques that photographers can use to increase their SEO.  However, it is essential to understand where a website’s optimization stands, before taking further advanced techniques.  For example, relationship building is extremely valuable, but can only help so much without SEO basics in place.

We hope that this painless SEO audit for photographers can been useful for you.  To continue your SEO education and to become a SEO Ninja, join the community today.  In addition to having access to the community form, SEO ebooks, virtual workshop and videos, members receive:

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All of that and more!

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