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Digital Telepathy is a company dedicated to providing a favorable user experience to website visitors.  Their team is often hired to design landing pages that attract and convert visitors to customers.  Digital Telepathy also has some products available for WordPress users to enjoy.  One is called Flare, and provides WordPress users to display elegant share and follow buttons on their website.  The other is SlideDeck.  That is what you’re going to read about in this article.

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SEO Friendly Slider For WordPress

SlideDeck gives you the ability to display slides of images, text and video.  The beauty of this plugin is how each slide can be search engine optimized if so desired.

You can upload single images or in batches.  SlideDeck also supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.  You’re not stuck with just one content type, though.  You can mix and match with other content in one slider.  The plugin also uses the default WordPress editor display, so you don’t have to know HTML to make text look great.

SEO Slider Choices

There are 7 lenses, or slider styles and 12 sources of content (as I type this) with 60 options.  That equates to over 29 million possible combinations so your SlideDeck doesn’t look like someone else.

Did I mention that some of the sources are social media?  That means you can use Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram or other popular social media platforms as the source for your slides.SlideDeck really is an amazing plugin for photographers looking to add that extra something to their website.

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